I’ve seen some graphic edits and read some quotes from the trilogy of mara dyer recently, and I’m very curious about it.

The problem is that I have to carefully choose the books to buy because of my current lack of money, and I want to be as sure as possible I will like it before buy it.

So, is there someone who has read this trilogy and that would be so kind to write me what thinks about these books? Both the things that you liked/loved and the things you didn’t like/hated (without spoilering anything, obviously).

And it would be great if you could answer a couple of questions:

1) Is it a love story? And if so, is it interesting or is it something obvious, corny and “already written”?

2) Is the plot obvious/boring? And more importantly, the reading is smooth or slow?

Tell me !! Ask, Message, or tag me in a post (again, no spoilers please!)

P.S. Unfortunately english is not my first language, so forgive me for the writing mistakes, I hope everything makes sense >.< 

Hi! :) So i’m not sure if someone has answered this yet, but i immediately got excited to talk up Mara Dyer because i just read it recently, and i absolutely loved it. 

To answer your questions: There is a romance in the story, however it’s not the necessarily the sole focus of the series. I felt like Michelle Hogkin (the author), did a fantastic job of weaving the romance and the plot together. 

The plot if definitely 100% not boring, and i’d say the reading is pretty smooth, but the pacing is quite fast. 

I think if you’re looking for a book that has a bit of everything, this is something you’ll come out of, loving. It has mystery, romance, a bit of the paranormal, and elements of a psychological thriller for the YA genre. ;) If i say much more than this i might spoil it, and it’s better to go into it without knowing too much about the plot and characters.

I think it’s worth reading. 

PS. Your english looks pretty fantastic to me, well done. No need to worry about whether it made sense. ^_^