Rachel’s Pregnancy vs Monica’s Infertility  


I have such a complicated relationship with the writer’s decision to make Rachel and not Monica pregnant at the end of Season 7. (Monica was their original plan). On one hand if Monica had been pregnant it would have cut Monica and Chandler off from the gang. They’d be Married-With-Children, while the others were still singletons and independent. It would have caused a wedge. Rachel being pregnant evened up the dynamics with a married couple and not-together-but-expecting couple and opened up a ton more storylines: Who’s the father, Ross/Rachel drama, Rachel freaking out, a single mother, Joey pining, Ross feeling rejected…From a pragmatic, creative perspective I know why the writers went down that route.

But from an emotional perspective I wish Monica had been pregnant. Because, since Rachel had a baby, the writers needed something new and that led to the Infertility arc. And I’m so attached to Monica and Chandler that I hate, hate, hate that. I hate that once again Monica lost out to Rachel and Ross because Monica was second best to both of them growing up, and its cruel bringing her back to that. I hate that again all the focus landed back on Rachel and she stole Mondler’s wedding. I hate that Rachel’s tough, single-motherhood turned into Rachel getting the better deal because Monica couldn’t get pregnant, so Rachel still won. I hate that Ross and Rachel barely noticed Emma, hired a nanny to look after her and shipped her off to babysitters, while Monica and Chandler just wanted a child to love and care for and adore. I hate it was Rachel-holds-babies-like-footballs-Green, not Monica who wanted kids in Season 1, that got pregnant.  I hate that Ross-Wonder-Boy-Parent’s-Darling had two children effortlessly, while Chandler, who pushed past so much crap from his upbringing, was shitted on by the cosmos. I hate that once again Monica and Chandler had to struggle and fight for something Ross and Rachel didn’t want or deserve but got anyway. I hate it because the whole situation is so fucking unfair.

But then I remember that life isn’t fair, and the fact that Monica and Chandler got through the shitty hand life dealt them and still built a family together is better than anything Ross and Rachel ever did. But it still hurts.  

So basically I’m confused. 

If anyone has thoughts on this message me because I need someone to talk to!

God i agree with you. Can i just say that the part i bolded just. SO MUCH YES.

Nerd HQ // Zachary Levi and Dylan O’Brien

Nerd HQ // Zachary Levi and Dylan O’Brien

I’m a giant proponent of knowing His love and living that love and letting people feel that love. And if they do and if they know it’s genuine and if they’re going through something where it brings to a conversation and they want to know more about me and I can share that with them, then awesome. And if not, it doesn’t change what my job is which is just to continue to be a conduit of love and light and life, you know? So yeah, that’s what I believe.”

"Logan was a dream role for me. I got to be the bad boy with his sarcastic wit. It’s probably the best character I’ve ever played."



Throwing this out to the fandom since I’ve seen so many LoVe parallels on my dash lately and I’ve recently read “She Wears Her Hair in Waves”by nevertothethird. Can someone who’s more skilled at making gif sets make one of Veronica with straight hair with Duncan and Piz…

That was me who made it :) im glad you liked it!

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